Why Wrought Iron Hexagonal Wrench Hardware Might Be a New Way to Make Money

French wrought iron hinges are becoming more common in homes across the United States.But they might just be the next big thing for the tool industry.Wrought iron hinge design is based on the basic principle of an arc weld.The arc weld is a simple method of welding metal plates that have been stacked.This is the basic idea behind wrenched iron […]

How to get started on the craft of wrought iron from a humble start

Posted October 01, 2018 12:07:38 When I was a kid, I used to do everything myself.I’d start my day at a local bakery.My mother would cook up a batch of homemade bread for us.I was the baker.She made the batter, the flour, the yeast.She kneaded it, I baked it.I even learned how to make my own bread and bake it.That’s […]

How to Buy an Iron Arch at the Barn: The Best Way to Save Money

IGN’s Brian Stelter says it takes about three months to assemble a wrought iron arch that costs about $400.The price, however, is only half of the work that goes into assembling an iron arch.You can use the money to repair your house, buy a new one, or just pay to put in some extra cash.The work is labor intensive and […]

When the sun shines in California: A timeline of California history

By Bill Warden and Brian BlauBERLIN, Germany (Reuters) – The sun has set on California, and the country has lost one of its most iconic landmarks.A giant statue of a sun-baked cowboy is the state’s biggest tourist draw.But it’s a different story for the giant oak-and-hued wrought iron handrails that make up the centerpiece of the state capital.It’s a moment […]

What you need to know about wrought iron decoration, trivetting, and the Tudor era

The Tudor dynasty was the first of the industrial revolutions to revolutionize the way people lived.Its rapid rise was aided by the invention of the steam engine and the spread of mechanized transportation, but its legacy is still felt today.It also marked a significant period of change in the way women worked and the way they were treated by their […]

‘Wrought iron kitchen’ in Chicago was actually ‘woven metal’

The home of one of the most recognizable names in Chicago’s real estate industry has been transformed into a wrought iron restaurant.Owner and architect Daniel F. Fishel’s Chicago-based company, Wrought Iron Kitchen, recently completed a $3.6 million remodel of the former Chateau Marmont property in the Roseland neighborhood of the city.The house is expected to open its doors to the […]

How to make the perfect iron bowl

By Andrew WylieThe final piece to a long, long list of dishes is made in a kitchen that’s a home to some of the most intricate, expensive, and unique creations on Earth.The process of making an iron bowl is a fairly simple one, and while there’s a few steps that can get tricky, the basics are pretty simple: take a […]

How to make a Wrought Iron Compass

Made of iron, the wrought iron compass is used in many ways, and is often found with its own wooden handles.But what is it made of?The answer is a little more complicated than that.The exact number of parts needed to make one is the same for every type of wrought iron, but the parts needed vary between different kinds of […]

Wrought iron stairway and wrought iron flower: An architectural treat

An architectural tradition dating back to the late 19th century, the wrought iron staircase was an ancient technique for building high-end apartment buildings, and was also an inspiration for the modern style of apartment buildings.But the legend of the wrought-iron staircase began long before it was even invented. In the 18th century and throughout the 19th, it was an important part […]

When the Chinese economy turns around, the world will pay for it

When the US economy starts to turn around, so will the Chinese one, writes Ian Bremmer, an author and global chief economist at Eurasia Group.“The Chinese economy will be a global financial system, with a lot of debt and a lot less investment,” he says. The rise of China’s economy will not necessarily cause all of this.China has been slowing down […]

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