New iron bars are being produced at a new UK factory

An international steel company is creating new wrought iron bars and other steel products for the steel industry at a manufacturing plant in Sheffield.The new factory, which is located in the city centre of Sheffield, is being set up by US company Irongate, which has its headquarters in the UK.The company said the new production facilities will help them produce […]

How to fix the Wrought Iron Stand in New Delhi

A Wrought-Iron Stand at the centre of a controversy is now being replaced by a Wrought iron chair, according to a new study.The study by the Economic Survey of India (ESI) says the chair will cost Rs1,000.The ESI, an independent economic research organisation, has found that a Wrenched Iron Stand at Gurgaon’s Bhabha Atomic Power Plant, which is under construction, […]

How to buy the finest wrought iron in Britain, from the most popular brands

By buying wrought iron at a local store or online, you can save up to 70% on the cost of washing, polishing and finishing your own furniture.A home-made wrought iron is typically hand-welded and is more expensive than a commercial product, but a good wrought iron can be worth £1,000-£1,200.Wrought iron, a more affordable type of iron used for furniture, […]

How to make a melange wrought iron spike

Made with raw wrought iron and finished with a thin layer of melted iron oxide, the melange made from wrought iron is a popular dish in Indian cuisine.But is this a genuine melange?The answer depends on how you define melange.Melange is a term coined in 1892 by British chef and restaurateur Andrew Waugh.The word is used to describe a dish […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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